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My question is this: How do teachers encourage creativity with technology whilst maintaining online decorum and responsible use? I want to let my student loose on Web 2.0 tools such as animoto, and for school work they generally behave as though they're in a school setting. But once I've provided students with access to these applications, the web tools are not mine to control. Students make them part of the range of internet options they access regularly, which is great for creativity, but also provides opportunities for mis-use. I already have some answers to this question, but I'm interested to receive ideas from within our current Wilkes online community. Thanks!

Guess what, Michael? It works!
Interesting question. I'd say this is a tough one, too. The only thought I have is to first teach them the responsibility you expect. Then, as with any discipline, make them aware of the consequences for misuse. However, I am at a loss for suggestions on what those consequences would be. It'll be interesting to see what others come up with. Good luck! - D

Hi Michael, With my music classes, creativity and technology go hand in hand. To encourage my students to be wise and respectful users of technology, I set the official parameters of their "in school" technology use by informing them that any and all of their online research is tracked by our computer security settings and that their end product for presentation is available for others to view, including administrators, parents, and the Board of Education. For work they do online at home, the responsibility for guidance needs to come from the parents. Something that I might do this coming year is to send an informational "usage" guideline home with the students that relates to our inschool technology usage forms.

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